Beekenkamp verpakkingen

New in our product range: 2 pots ideal for blueberries

During the upcoming season we will sell 2 new pots that are excellently suited for growing blueberries. These pots are produced in Spain by SanSan Prodesing S.L., a supplier and producer of plastic products with which Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has a partnership.

The pots have a capacity of 28 litres and 45 litres, respectively and are lower and wider than other existing pots. This is conducive to the stability of the pot and is also well suited to the wide, shallow root system of the blueberry bush. The insides of the pots are ribbed to guide root growth. The high number of drainage holes, both in the bottom and side wall, in combination with the unique high foot under the pots, guarantees optimal drainage and an ideal root environment. The unique heightened foot minimises the likelihood of the roots making contact with the ground and picking up any diseases. We will also introduce a new 38-litre pot from December 2015.

If you would like to receive more information about these pots, contact Jerry Arkesteijn: