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Lightweight 4.7 litre substrate pot

The new square 4.7 litre lightweight substrate pot with raised feet was developed as a result of the demand from growers and producers of raspberries. Because of the relatively short time that passes between cultivation of the plants and the production of raspberries, the use of lightweight pots/ containers is very satisfactory. The nursery raises the raspberry plants in square 4.7 litre lightweight substrate pots with raised feet and after cooling, these are delivered to the raspberry producer.
The latter can start producing raspberries immediately, as there is no need to transplant the starting material into larger pots. This means savings on labour and therefore also on costs.

The new container is made of Polypropylene in standard colours white or black and can be steamed under certain conditions.

This lightweight substrate pot with raised feet was developed for single use but when handled with care, the square pots can be used several times.


Strawberry pot 4,7 litre