Beekenkamp verpakkingen

Custom moulding

At Beekenkamp Packaging, you'll find possibilities for developing specific projects and new ideas. This enables you to launch your personal ideas for own use and thus introduce a unique product to the market. To this aim, many different designs are conceivable.

Beekenkamp Packaging B.V. uses the following method:

1. Idea stage
You have an idea for plastic packaging, for a cultivation system or other product. After consultation with one of our representatives, an appointment is made for further development of this idea. 

2. CAD CAM drawing and calculation stage
From these sketches or design brief, 3D CAD drawings are made. By means of these drawings, it is possible to decide on the manufacturing process, type of plastic and make an initial price assessment, depending on the expected production quantities. On agreement, the manufacture of the tools required for the product can be started. This also takes place under the supervision of Beekenkamp Packaging.

3. 3D model
Within the Beekenkamp Packaging company, the idea can be worked out entirely in 3D. By means of these 3D drawings and CAD CAM, stereolithography models can be made. In some cases however, we may decide on a pilot run using vacuum moulds. This process is also supervised by Beekenkamp, whereby secrecy is observed.

4. Production stage
After this, production is started, again under supervision of Beekenkamp Packaging. Of course, all this takes place in close consultation with you our customer.  

A short lead time and a permanent point of contact
Everything happens within the Beekenkamp Packaging company, which facilitates short lines and minimal development times. Confidentiality during the entire project is guaranteed as the few people involved are bound by secrecy.

Short lead times enable you to start using your own unique product and surprise the market with your very own idea.