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BE-Cube demountable palletbox system

Costs and space saving with BE-Cube pallet box

BECube pallet box system

The BE-Cube pallet box system is a new, efficient, multi-purpose solution for storage and transport. The BE-Cube weighs less than comparable plastic and wooden pallet boxes but its specially developed construction makes it just as strong.  Because the BE-Cube is a demountable reusable system, it saves on storage and transport costs straightaway.  The system is extremely easy to handle and dismantle. One person can assemble the BE-Cube in a few seconds, and then fold it up again just as easily. 

Pallet box BE-Cube

BE-Cube pallet box is space saving; two unfolded systems (1.200 mm x 2) is equal to 9 demountable systems. (2.430 mm)

The 4 aluminium or galvanized uprights can be ordered in a range of lengths upon request. Another unique feature is its clever construction that allows easy tilting of the BE-Cube pallet box system with a box tipper or box tipper-dosing conveyor.

The stringer format under the plastic pallet can be specified by customers’ requirements. The main benefit of these stringer options is that the BE-Cube can be used for any action and/or working method, both with an electric or non-electric pallet cart and a forklift truck. This pallet construction enables easy replacement of the stringers, and the additional benefit of this construction is that it makes the pallet stronger in essential parts!

The plastic pallet can be produced with a hole in the bottom. This gives advantages for unloading fine products like cereals and seeds.

BE-Cube video

BE-Cube summarized

  • A flexible, multi-purpose system for storage and transport
  • The system is completely demountable and reusable
  • Collapsible for substantial space saving (2:9)
  • Easy one-person assembly and dismantling
  • Sturdy construction: retains its shape, is robust and impact-resistant
  • Uprights in various heights available
  • Tilting possible with a box tipper or box tipper-dosing coveyor
  • Stringer format can be specified by customer's requirements 

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