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New: 40-hole strawberry tray and Square 2.4 liter substrate pot for raspberry plants

New: 40-hole strawberry tray

40-hole strawnerry propogation tray

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen developed this new 40-hole strawberry tray in collaboration with an Italian strawberry variety cultivator.

This concerns a strawberry plant tray for ‘everbearers’ with a square cup content of 78.5 cc. These plant varieties result in a smaller type of plant and this requires a cup with a smaller content. With its smaller cup content, the plant is easier to manage as the content, fertilisers and water quantity are replaced more often. 

The 40-hole tray’s cups are at least 50 mm away from the ground. This prevents the cups from touching the ground, also on uneven surfaces. This prevents contamination with soil diseases and moulds.

The 40-hole tray is nestable and stackable, and the dimensions are 600 x 400 x 118 mm. This format has a major advantage relating to automation of actions such as stacking, unstacking, sorting etc. Most existing automation is based on these standard dimensions.
In the month of July, the first units will be delivered. We have detected interest from the strawberry market as well as from other soft-fruit plant growers for propagation. We will be setting up tests and pilots in the coming period in the latter segment. 

Square 2.4 litre substrate pot for raspberry plants

2.4 liter square raspberry pot

The new square 2.4-litre pot with high legs, type 6152, was developed in collaboration with various raspberry plant growers. The raspberry plant is propagated at the plant growers’ in this square 2.4-litre substrate container. After cooling, it is delivered to the raspberry production growers at request.

The production growers transplant the raspberry plant from the 2.4-litre pot in, for example, the 7-litre substrate pot or 10-litre substrate pot. These pots are also part of Beekenkamp Verpakkingen’s range.
Thanks to the well-considered dimensions of the 2.4-litre substrate container, more raspberry plants can fit into a cooling box than normal. This is a significant saving on cooling and transport costs.
The square 2.4-litre substrate pot is equipped with 4 raised legs and has 8 draining holes. This ensures optimal pot drainage and the raised legs substantially decrease the risk of contamination with soil pathogens.

The new square pot is made of polypropylene, available in white or black as standard colours, and can be steamed under certain conditions. This light-weight 2.4-litre substrate pot is designed for single use, but this square pot can serve multiple times if handled with care.

Are you interested in the 40-hole strawberry propagation tray or 2.4 litre raspberry pot?

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