Beekenkamp verpakkingen

2 new products for strawberry cultivation!

In June, Beekenkamp will introduce a new substrate trough for the cultivation of strawberries under the name Fragola. This special tray was developed in collaboration with Southern European growers. Beekenkamp will also introduce a sustainable crop solution for the growers of strawberry plants, namely a 10 cell tray. 

10 cell tray

With this tray, growers save over 10% in production space because of the unique distribution of the 10 cells, which are arranged cleverly in the same space as the 9 cells of its predecessor. Growers do not just save over 10% in production space as compared to the existing 9-cell tray, but they also use less plant protection products and fertilizers.  All cups are spaced evenly, which results in more uniform plants. The trays are made of PP material and suitable for steaming, so you can start 100% clean every year.

Fragola substrate trough

This new substrate trough was developed in collaboration with growers in Southern Europe. The new Fragola trough is intended for strawberry cultures that require extra substrate volume in addition to more height and therefore better moisture control. The trough can be used in various systems, such as table top growing and on gutters but are also very suitable for low raised beds because of their truss support option. These substrate troughs are also made of PP material and can be steamed.