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Welcome to Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V.

For over 30 years, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has been a supplier of plastic products of excellent quality. The company is specialised in injection moulded products. The assortment includes for example plastic crates, pallet boxes, substrate containers, plastic trays and tailor made injection moulded products.

New 66-Hole Strawberry Tray for Everbearers

7316 3 afbeeldingen.jpg

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has developed a new 66-hole strawberry tray for cultivating everbearing species of strawberry plants. The 66-hole tray, type 7316 has a square, 60cc cup.

Everbearing species of plants start as very compact, so they only require a small cup capacity. The small cup capacity of the 66-hole makes the plant more manageable, because the fertilisers and water content can be refreshed more often.
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BE-Cube: the new, demountable pallet box system!

BE-Cube 3x.jpg

The BE-Cube pallet box system is a new, efficient, multi-purpose solution for storage and transport. The BE-Cube weighs less than comparable plastic and wooden pallet boxes but its specially developed construction makes it just as strong.  Because the BE-Cube is a demountable reusable system, it saves on storage and transport costs straightaway. The system is extremely easy to handle and dismantle. One person can assemble the BE-Cube in a few seconds, and then fold it up again just as easily. 
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New 280-Hole Seed Tray 19 CC

6408 + 7281 web-2.jpg

In cooperation with our sister company Beenenkamp Plants B.V., we have developed a new 280-hole tray, type 7281. This tray is highly suited to the production of young cabbage plants, among others.

The new 280-hole tray can be used with the type 6408 Tray Holder. The combination of the 280-hole tray and the tray holder ensures a perfect plant density which in turn yields a highly uniform plant.
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