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New: 15-litre strawberry substrate trough (1 metre)

15 liter substraatbak.jpg

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has introduced a new one-metre strawberry substrate trough with a volume of around 15 litres as a successor to the existing black 14-litre version.

The type 7321 15-litre strawberry substrate trough, measuring one metre in length, can be used in both gutters and on racks. 
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New 66-Hole Strawberry Tray for Everbearers

7316 3 afbeeldingen.jpg

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has developed a new 66-hole strawberry tray for cultivating everbearing species of strawberry plants. The 66-hole tray, type 7316 has a square, 60cc cup.

Everbearing species of plants start as very compact, so they only require a small cup capacity. The small cup capacity of the 66-hole makes the plant more manageable, because the fertilisers and water content can be refreshed more often.
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